Things To Keep In Mind When Planning Your Wedding

It’s the day you have been dreaming about ever since you were a little girl. You have the whole image in your mind, how you want it to be. What you will be wearing, what song will be playing, what time is it going to be, where it’s going to be and everything else. In bringing our dreams to reality, we often lose focus on some basic necessities that need our attention. It is vital for some of these things to be kept in mind when you are planning your wedding.

Keep your budget in mind

When we are planning the wedding, this is the first thing everyone looks into and has, more often than not, sorted it out. But what about the unexpected expenses that crop up from time to time. Have they been factored in? Some small thing you might have overlooked to purchase, taxes, last minute venue charges, all of these need to be factored in and sometimes, they can be a wee bit more than just a little bit extra. It is always a good idea to have a “slush fund” where you drop in some bucks every now and then to make sure you have it on hand when you need it.

Be Nice

It is hard work to prepare yourself and everything else for the big day everyone understands that. However, this is no reason to lash out at everyone around you for no apparent reason. Each celebrant at your wedding is there to be happy for you and to share your joy. If you want them to be nice to you and get some help while they are at it, make sure you don’t rub anyone off the wrong way. You don’t want to be standing at the altar all alone.

Have a Backup plan

Plans fail! Accept it and move on. You will not feel the stress of a failed plan as much if you have a backup plan in tow. Just having a generic idea of what you are going to do in the event that anything goes wrong goes a long way in helping you out when something actually does go wrong. Not having a backup plan will leave you stressed an looking haggard, and no one wants the key marriage celebrant to look nothing but her best on her big day.

You cannot control everything

No matter how hard and how detailed your plan is, you cannot control everything. So take a deep breath and let it go. What is not in your control, like the weather is not for you to worry about. What you can do however is be prepared. If it starts to rain, what is you plan of action then, if someone gets drunk and messes with your day, what are you going to do, have it all sorted and prepare yourself for the worse.At the end of the day, it your event and you are the guest of honor at it. So let your hair down, forget what you could not achieve and have fun!