Losing The Appreciation For Simple Sentiments

With the world changing and progressing at such a fast rate, we are bound to lose track of our cultures, values and sentiments as they are lost to the whirlwind created by this heavy pace. People tend to lose interest in old traditions and shows of affection and appreciation, and the importance of such emotion and sentiment is lost, along with it meaning. People no longer understand the simplicity in the joy and happiness that can be expressed through simple gestures and acts of kindness, love and gratitude. True, people must progress, humanity must progress, and after all, we are an intelligent species that will not be able to survive if we do not evolve. We must embrace change and we must shun all the negatives and all the restrictions that generations of the past have placed on us, but that being said, there is a lot of positivity and value that we must carry forward.

The problem here is that, along with all the bad, the good too is lost. People’s characters are deteriorating, decent behaviour and morals are soon becoming extinct, and this can be partially blamed on the celebration of apathy that we see in modern societies. Showing a lack of feeling and expressing a lack of emotion is starting to become a trend, and an unhealthy one at that. Nowadays, appreciation is shown and is acknowledged only if expressed with a token of high materialistic value.

Although this may not be the case in each and every instance, people are becoming more materialistic and less feeling-oriented; less thought-oriented. It seems as if the days of appreciating and being touched by simple wedding flowers in Sydney planned for your benefit are long gone. However, the negativity has not completely taken over, nor has it completely triumphed. You still see lovers exchanging flowers and simple cards and handmade gifts, and witnessing utter joy and happiness as a response.

You still see people being kind to their fellow human beings and soaring time and money to help another person out, not out of obligation, but out of the sheer kindness of their heart. You still see brides being thoroughly excited over best wedding florist Richmond, rather than worrying about whether the wedding is going to be ‘grand enough’. Both sides are still prevalent in the world, and neither side will ever be eliminated. Since we cannot make the entire world a haven of positivity, we must at least try to promote a balance between the negatives and the positives, in order to reach equilibrium.