Ideas For Choosing Your Wedding Venue

Once you are ready to tie the knot, the most important work of the event would be the special day’s venue. You have to sit together to take the most important decision before the day arrives.

Take a look at the bay weddings photographs and videos available online. Just get sit down and decide whether you want to have your wedding planned in one of those mesmerising shores. Do not forget to marriage celebrant Tweed Valley as well. They have lush green fields all around and a welcoming vibe for the couple to spend their special day among the beautiful nature. You can see them and then decide where exactly you want your special event to take place?Once your wedding day is fixed you can look for the venue and decide on the same. There are many things which need your special attention and thought before you decide to choose the final destination. Some ideas are discussed below for you. Have a look and choose your favourite.

Number of guests

Your venue will mainly depend on the number of guests you have on your list. If you have less number of guests and it’s a private affair, then you can have a destination marriage. It is much easier to add guest to your list than to have them deducted. Since all destinations cannot accommodate too much guest count those before you step ahead.


Since the big event will have a list of expenses it is better to consult each other when you are about to decide on the venue. Write down the budget in one place and check the shortlisted venue whether it matches with your budget or not. For an extravaganza marriage venue you would have to spend little more pounds than the regular one.


Keep your photographer ready when you want to select the great venue and consult with him. This is because memories will be preserved through the lovely pictures. The venue will have an important impact on the photographs take on your special day. So, choose the venue as you want the pictures to be.

Visit the venues

When you short list a few venues it is advisable to visit the venues first before you decide on them. Do not hurry up and take the decision to choosing the venue. While you are there physically you will see both the pros and cons of the place and then you may decide.

Check natural lights and weather

This is very important because wedding at any venue can be disturbed with bad weather. So, check on that so that you have an organised wedding day.